Billionaire loses $6bn in 1 day but is still the 5th richest in the world + see top 10 richest men

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Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos (right) lost $6 billion in one day after his company’s share price fell 11 percent but don’t cry for him, he still has $49.2 billion even though he slipped from fourth place to fifth on Forbes’s rich list.

According to Forbes, he was worth $49.8 billion at 5pm. In the space of 30 minutes he lost $800million, so ended up falling behind Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico, who is now the fourth richest person in the world with a net worth of $49.6 billion.

Bezos prefers to look on the bright side of things however.

‘Twenty years ago, I was driving the packages to the post office myself and hoping we might one day afford a forklift. This year, we pass 100 billion dollars in annual sales and serve 300 million customers. And still, measured by the dynamism we see everywhere in the marketplace and by the ever-expanding opportunities we see to invent on behalf of customers, it feels every bit like day one.’

See the top ten richest men below.

Billionaire                     Net Worth  (billions)           Company/ source                Country

1. Bill Gates                     $76.2                               Microsoft                           United States

2. Amancio Ortega          $68.4                                Zara                                 Spain

3. Warren Buffett             $59.8                               Berkshire Hathaway         United States

4. Carlos Slim Helu          $49.6                               Telecoms                          Mexico

5. Jeff Bezos                    $49.2                                         United States

6. Mark Zuckerberg         $47.9                               Facebook                          United States

7. Larry Ellison                 $44.1                               Oracle                              United States

8. Charles Koch               $39.7                               Diversified                         United States

9. David Koch                  $39.7                               Diversified                         United States


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