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E-Dinar Coin Team Participates in II All-China Conference On Financial Operations Technologies

Outstanding representatives of the blockchain technology led by E-Dinar Coin attract wide attention and receive numerous invitations to various summits and forums. The other day, the E-Dinar Coin team received an invitation to participate in “II All-China Conference on Financial  Operations and the Exhibition on Online Financial Transactions” organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China jointly with the related departments of the State Committee for Development and Reforms, which will be held from 7 to 8 April at the Shanghai International Conference Center.

“II All-China Conference on Financial Operations Technologies and an Exhibition on Financial Online Operations” will be held in the form of a summit


Africoin is a decentralized digital currency just like the popular Bitcoin BTC started by a team of Africa developer in Diaspora under the code name Africodelogic with the lead programmer from South Africa and Ghana.

Africoin as a digital money is an Internet-based medium of exchange distinct from physical notes or coins that exhibits properties similar to physical currencies, but allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer-of-ownership.

Both virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies are types of digital currencies. Like traditional money these currencies may be used to buy physical goods

E-Dinar Coin for Students: New-generation Environmental Cryptocurrency Presented at Annual Digital Tourism Workshop in Indonesia

The last year brought a lot of changes not only in the financial electronic sector, but also in the tourism sector, so it is not surprising that such programs as Digital Tourism and Smart Tourism have become the priority of the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia in 2017.

E-Dinar Coin sponsored this event and will present the ecological decentralized next-generation cryptocurrency, as well as website and the ED Flights application, designed to quickly find cheap flights.

Report On The E-Dinar Coin Сonference In Lagos, Nigeria

March 4, 2017: Lagos, Nigeria, hosted the E-Dinar Coin conference attended by the top leader of our community in Africa – Adekunle Arolahun. This event united the enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies and trading, helped to generate new ideas for further E-Dinar Coin development, as well as to build a productive dialogue between the top speaker and newcomers interested in operating in a decentralized system.

The audience also got to know the secrets from

E-Dinar Сan Be Exchanged For The Indonesian Rupiah On Exrates

Dear members of our community!

E-Dinar Coin is always striving to create the best conditions to work with cryptocurrency for all users, including the conditions of reliable exchange. We are pleased to inform our members from Indonesia, that now decentralized cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin can be bought and exchanged for IDR on the Exrates platform. is actively developing cryptomarket, which provides an opportunity not only to exchange such heavyweights as Bitcoin, but also the promising cryptocurrencies such as E-Dinar Coin. The exchange also enables input and withdrawal of USD, EUR, RUR, IDR, UAH and their exchange for cryptocurrency between the users.

E-Dinar Coin (EDR) Is a Cryptocurrency Not Simply Existing On The Network. There Are The People Behind It.

They are investors from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Dubai, Vietnam and other countries. Only 4 months after the cryptocurrency launch, the number of its users reached more than 500 thousand active accounts. Until the end of 2016 about $ 15 million was invested in E-Dinar Coin, and at the moment this number is more than 21 million. Everywhere in these countries, E-Dinar Coin has its representatives and offices. But the main thing is that behind all this there are specific people.

They determine the cryptocurrency rate. Only people regulate the rate by their actions, starting from connections to the shops, exchanges, sales and mining.

At the first stage, mining took place without transfers. EDC, in fact, was held in the account and

The ETF and You: What Bitcoin’s Big News Means

The latest news in the Bitcoin space is one that has been in the making for four years: the Winklevoss’ twins Bitcoin ETF will soon be accepted, or rejected, by the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC). This decision will leave ripples in Bitcoin’s history, and it’s the first step to legitimizing Bitcoin’s acceptance with the general public.

But first, let’s look at what an ETF is, and why they’re so important.

Mutual and Exchange-Traded Funds

Funds are important – it’s a building block towards a particular purpose. The most common type of fund – a retirement fund – is a sum of money for after we’ve entered retirement, allowing us to live comfortably in our older years.



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