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By now many know that Jared Rice Sr accepted a plea agreement with the U.S. government last week (Mar 21, 2019).  Instead of explaining Jared’s reasoning, we will explain the facts, ask questions, and let the public investigate the claims of the agreement in hopes that we can all bring reform to a government process that is draconian and inhumane at best.

Background It all began back in Jan 2016 for Jared Rice Snr after he attended a Dallas community meeting of leaders. After that meeting Jared posted; “I saw Paul Ryan’s face. I heard what he spoke about. I saw how he dressed. This man is #real. As Speaker Ryan said, we must come together to fix the poverty disease. It will take a revolution.” “With innovation, creativity & the greatest minds, we can solve these problems” Jared Rice Sr said. Fast track to 2018. Jared Rice Sr is arrested in a FBI raid having built an eco-system that could address the ‘very poverty disease’ he claimed could be over…

Update From Onem (mCoin) Utility Value First

The need for proving utility value before listing on exchanges. The decline of the cryptocurrency market from a market value of $800 billion to $100 billion demonstrates clearly that listing a cryptocurrency for trading without achieving a solid foundation for success will result in ultimate failure. There are about 800 failed digital crypto tokens in 2018 that have either been abandoned by their founders, were a scam, and/or their website is dead. There are more than 50 exchanges that have either shut down or have suffered serious operational

10 Facts & Benefit of Dascoin

Fact 1: Dascoin has its own blockchain.
Fact 2: Dascoin is listed on 5 external exchanges. (Coinfalcon, IDAX, Coinbene, BTC-Alpha, EU-BX)
Fact 3: Our DASC blockchain does transactions at a fast 3 seconds a block.
Fact 4: DASC can be used to purchase things. With the Alliance Pay card. Dascoin has real use.
Fact 5: Dascoin is creating a great rewards program. With Greenstorc, TRM, Smarttools and Traveler.

DasEcosystem CEO (Michael Mathias) has formed a new Partnership with Logistics Company Metro Logistics

DasCoin is moving forward faster than ever and our ecosystem and services will shine over the next few months.
A well written letter from Das CEO to the community. Dear Das Community,

First of all, I am very happy that so many of you have come forward with so much helpful information. I sincerely appreciate that this community has so many dedicated, devoted people who are so strongly behind DasCoin and provide me with such wonderful support.

Right now, DasCoin is the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the world. I will prove that this is a fact – rather than an opinion – in a series of messages I’ll be releasing over the course of this month. As part of these messages, I will share information that will likely lead to a correction in the value of DasCoin.

So in preparation for what’s coming, I need each of you to conduct an important evaluation of yourself, and then take action!  The month of March is your moment of truth. I am asking that you determine your personal level of commitment to…

Defining a New Era for the DasEcosystem – Preparing the NetLeaders Community for New Levels of Success

Update with Michael Mathias: In an exciting YouTube presentation hosted by Vivian O'Callaghan on the NetLeaders website, Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, unveiled several important updates plus made a number of great new announcements to help you grow your business.
As you all know, the CRM products are valuable new tools at the core of the NetLeaders licenses, and the Cycles are now positioned as an attractive added bonus. The technology team has been making adjustments to optimize the value of these CRM products. In the very near future, new features will be revealed that will greatly enhance their ease of use and their overall value. The objective is to continuously improve these products so that they become the digital command center for every successful entrepreneur. These smart tools will be the cornerstone of your efforts to build relationships with businesses for many years to come – and they are designed to produce multiple streams of income for you from each
and every b…


Location: Federal Palace Hotel,  Victoria Island Lagos State,  Nigeria.  Time: 11am
Welcome to our community, Introducing a Better Way to Create, Build, Store and

Leaders are Getting a List of Members to Assist in the Migration Starting with The Voice of TBC (Article)

As mentioned in a previous article, the Broadcasters are the best TBC leaders to assist us all in getting the word out to the entire TBC Community about the Migration.  We are kicking this campaign off now starting with The Voice of TBC Randy Wilson.  Below is the script that will be emailed:

We will Start Migration to the New Coin Network on April 30th, 2018.  I am a Leader inside the TBC community and I have been assigned to help you to migrate and to show you the fast track to huge cash flow and income for you. You have at least a $1,000 in your current TBC wallet, and if your Send button is OFF right now, I will help you to turn it ON and that will only take a day or two to get