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The Hardest Thing To Do in Business (Part 1). By Dr Strive Masiyiwa

___Building an efficient organization. As an entrepreneur, you may have a great idea or innovation which you believe is going to change your community, your country, or maybe even the world we live in.  And you’ll probably make a lot of money along the way. That’s allowed, and there’s nothing wrong with it, provided you don’t harm others, the environment, or break the law. Go ahead, make money, be a billionaire, and you know I’ll be right there cheering you all the way! But before you can ever get there, you’ll have to build an efficient business organization, employing lots of people, because no one can do these things alone.

Lagos tasks young entrepreneurs to maximize opportunities

The Lagos State Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment, Mr. Babatunde Durosinmi-Etti has tasked young entrepreneurs to seek for and make the best ‎use of opportunities through global alliance, regional networking and leveraging on technology. Speaking at the Workshop of the Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (C.A.Y.E) West Africa, the Commissioner charged the young entrepreneurs to ‎‎come up with strategies for building a regional young entrepreneurs’ alliance that will promote entrepreneurship and trade within the region and beyond. According to him, “Governance is being redefined by the State government through the creation of an enabling environment in Lagos for businesses to thrive. The time is right for young