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The World's First Blockchain Smartphone is in Development

The $1,000 device is aimed at the crypto community. Sirin Labs, the company behind the $14,000 Solarin smartphone, is now developing an open-source model that runs on a fee-less blockchain. The Finney -- named in honor of bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney -- will be the only smartphone in the world that's fully secure and safe enough to hold cryptographic coins. Or so says the company, which is launching a crowdsale event this October (date to be confirmed) to support the phone's development.

Ripple Expands Asian Presence with New Office in Singapore

In continuing its foray into Asia, blockchain payments fintech Ripple has announced the launch of a new office in Singapore. San Francisco-based blockchain startup Ripple has opened shop in Singapore, one of the world’s leading trade and financial hubs. Ripple’s latest footprint in Asia comes within weeks after the launch of its office in India, the world’s largest remittance receiver. As a venture-backed FinTech startup, Ripple has long stuck to its goal of connecting

Clear Need for Migration (TBC)

In spite of the really good news about our explosive growth in memberships to 1 million and beyond, TBC is faced with some technical challenges.  Behind the scenes we have been fighting to stabilize and speed up wallet transactions and we have made some progress.  When we shut down all of the send buttons we discovered that someone has found a way to create their own wallet system on our TBC blockchain.  So, instead of having a completely centralized system that we can completely control, there is a parasite feeding off our

Crypto Mining ”More Profitable Than Drugs and Arms Trafficking” in Russia

Mining Russian media has conducted interviews with several representatives of the country’s bitcoin mining industry. The investigation has provided unique insights into an expansive industry that penetrates all levels of Russian society, ranging “from schoolchildren to pensioners”. Dramatic GPU Shortages Earlier This Year Signify a Sharp Increase in Russian Crypto Mining Activities During 2017 2017’s cryptocurrency boom sparked widespread graphics card shortages globally, with the most extreme shortages being witnessed in low-wage nations such as Russia – where cryptocurrency mining can offer returns that rival many mainstream careers. Following a dramatic increase in mining activities from both the public and private sector, RT, an international news organization funded by the Russian state, has conducted interviews with several miners, seeking to gain insights into Russia’s bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining industry.

Money is in People! People are the Custodians of Wealth (TBC)

TBC is a crypto-currency that increases in value daily base on the numbers of people that join the community.  Join the billion coin community now and secure your future and children's future. Don't procrastinate, join now.

Six Global Banks Join Forces to Create Digital Currency

SIX of the world’s biggest   banks have joined a project to create a new form of digital cash that they hope to launch next year for clearing and settling financial transactions over blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin. Barclays, Credit Suisse, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, HSBC, MUFG and State Street have teamed up to work on the “utility settlement coin” which was created by Switzerland’s UBS to make financial markets more efficient.  The move comes as the project shifts into a new phase of development, in which its members aim to deepen discussions with central banks and to work on tightening up its