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Leaders are Getting a List of Members to Assist in the Migration Starting with The Voice of TBC (Article)

As mentioned in a previous article, the Broadcasters are the best TBC leaders to assist us all in getting the word out to the entire TBC Community about the Migration.  We are kicking this campaign off now starting with The Voice of TBC Randy Wilson.  Below is the script that will be emailed: We will Start Migration to the New Coin Network on April 30th, 2018.  I am a Leader inside the TBC community and I have been assigned to help you to migrate and to show you the fast track to huge cash flow and income for you. You have at least a $1,000 in your current TBC wallet, and if your Send button is OFF right now, I will help you to turn it ON and that will only take a day or two to get

European Countries Join Blockchain Partnership

22 European countries signed today a Declaration on the establishment of a European Blockchain Partnership. The Partnership will be a vehicle for cooperation amongst Member States to exchange experience and expertise in technical and regulatory fields and prepare for the launch of EU-wide blockchain applications across the Digital Single Market for the benefit of the public and private sectors. This should ensure that Europe continues to play a leading role in the development and roll-out of blockchain technologies. Blockchain is technology for promoting user trust. It makes it possible to share on-line information, agree on and record transactions in a verifiable, secure and permanent way. The technology is already being successfully tested, mostly in financial services, and will become more operational and integrated into increasing number of digital services, such as regulatory reporting, energy and logistics in

How to Become a Zephyr Expert?

You may have heard that there’s a new coin in town. One that will redefine the global remittance industry by removing the reliance on banks and increasing financial inclusion worldwide. Of course, we’re talking about Zephyr (ZEPH). The incentive token we released during the ICO held in October 2017 where we raised $1.3 million during the 30-day sale. If you’re considering supporting our mission to transform the outdated remittance industry, then the best way to do

TRON Recently Launched Its Public Blockchain Testing Network - Testnet

On May 31st, the mainnet will be launched, TRON plans to shed its ERC20 identity and migrate from the Ethereum platform. It will be a serious challenge for ethereum. The TRON name began circulating among cryptocurrency investors in September 2017. Its token, TRX, quickly became one of the top 20 digital assets by market cap, and by January 2018 TRX had grown more than a hundredfold in value. TRON's testnet is now live, giving fans and skeptics alike a transparent view of TRON's solid progress. On May 31st, the mainnet will be launched, TRON plans to shed its

Marketers: Here’s what your Job will look like in a Blockchain World

General Stanley McChrystal was responsible for the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. In his book Team of Teams, he talks about the rude awakening he had when he saw how disadvantaged his centralized command was compared to the decentralized networks of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan. McChrystal quickly recognized he needed to reimagine how teams were built and empowered. He understood that innovation, insights, and awareness happen at the edges of networks, not in the center. That is why it is critically important to empower the edges of those networks with information, resources, and feedback loops. Captain David Marquet immortalized that same lesson in his book Turn the Ship Around! He’s the source of the doctrine “Move authority to information; don’t move information to authority.”

How Blockchain Will Disrupt Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook

In the eyes of “experts,” when it comes to blockchain, there is often no middle ground — it will either be boom or bust, nothing in between. I for one have become a big proponent of blockchain technology, especially the crypto-economics used to jumpstart powerful network effects. But with so many opinions and noise floating around, I thought it would be beneficial to take a deep dive into the ramifications of blockchain technology as it relates to today’s top tech companies. Will blockchain based alternatives unseat Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple? After in-depth research into the business models, here is what I found… Signs $200m Joint Venture Partnership to Accelerate Asia-Focused EOSIO Ecosystem Development

Image , the developer behind the pioneering blockchain software EOSIO, today announces a partnership with blockchain veterans Michael Cao and Winnie Liu that sees the formation of a new US$200 million joint venture fund, EOS Global. EOS Global will make strategic investments in Asia-focused projects utilizing EOSIO, and is the fourth injection of capital through ’s EOS VC initiative which now totals 600m USD.