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BCC Pay is the Smartcard project between UQUID & BITCONNECT.

The project will be opened for registration in 32 days. Many people calling this a scam. It is not. Do your research. And if you were at the event. You would have seen it on stage. Keep an eye out everyone. 2018 will

Ripple Rolls Out $300M RippleNet Accelerator Program to Grow Volume and XRP Utility

Starting today, Ripple will offer a unique reward for financial institutions that are the first in their markets to process and promote commercial payments on RippleNet. The reward will come in the form of rebates through the new RippleNet Accelerator Program. Building on growing network effects, the RippleNet Accelerator Program is funded by $300 million of XRP from Ripple’s XRP holdings. The program consists of a Volume Rebate and an Adoption Marketing Incentive.

History is Full of Wrong Predictions About New Technology

Since most of us don't have a crystal ball, predicting the future is not always easy. Especially when it comes to predictions about technological progress, adoption rates, or market potential. How about Bitcoin or blockchain technology? Is it a major innovation or just a buzzword? Let's look at some predictions from history first... 8 Tech Predictions That Totally Missed the Mark

emCash is Dubai’s First Official State Cryptocurrency

The government of Dubai has revealed details of its own blockchain-based cryptocurrency, called emCash. In major news coming out of the UAE, the government of the city of Dubai will develop and implement emCash, an encrypted blockchain-powered digital currency that will enable citizens to pay for government and non-government services alike.