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What is BitShares? BitShares is a DAC.

But what does this DAC do? It offers a service. The service is matching willing buyers and sellers of financial instruments and assets. In this chapter we will focus on how the BitShares platform can be used to create and trade a financial instrument called a

We Have a System; Our System Works; Go Work Our System! (Videos/Article)

TBC gives YOU a choice!  TBC is a Private (not on the market manipulated by the Elite system) crypto-currency that places the value of the TBC currency within the members it collects–Proof of Memberships (POM).  Now that’s either an idea you can accept as a true value or not.  People that reject that idea have called TBC a Scam coin.  But people like Derrick Mbeh in the above video see the TBC value as real and have no need to discount the TBC coin as he documented here in this video.  So, clearly YOU have a choice on what YOU want to believe.  But YOU can’t call TBC a worthless coin because the evidence in this video and soooooooooooooooooooooooo many other videos proves it does hold its current value.  

Investors Trust GOLDCOIN (GLD) Because it is faster and more secure.

It’s easy to understand the reasons why GOLDCOIN (GLD) has jumped in price from $0.03 to $0.20 in a short period. One reason is that GOLDCOIN’s network performs better than that of almost all others in the industry.  We asked GOLDCOIN’s renowned developer Amir Eslampanah to explain why.