Make Residual Income with MMM UNITED

You cannot be in MMM United for One year and remain poor.

See this simple analogy:

Start: $20(N13500)(0.031 bit coin)
1st month: $40
2nd Month: $80
3rd Month: $160
4th Month: $320
5th Month: $640
6th Month: $1280

7th Month: $2560
8th Month: $5120
9th Month: $10240

Please let me stop at the 9th month... $10240(which is about N5. 4M) from a spare money of N12000.

From this 10th Month you now have a consistent monthly earning of N5.4M. Now, if you never had a plan in MMM United, please start now...

Don't participate randomly. Drop a careless money you don't really need there and compound it to give you an amount you want to be earning monthly. Do not hit big and run. If everyone does that, the system will not be sustained but rather grow your spare money to an amount you want to earn monthly.

Long Live MMM United.

Note: MMM united trades with bitcoins. Bitcoin is a digital currency.

To create a MMM united account you need to create a bitcoin wallet account first. Follow this link to do that . Click Blockchain .

Next follow the link below to create a MMM UNITED account.

To create a MMM united account follow this link:

To fund your bitcoin wallet account WhatsApp me or order on +2348063454724

Follow this link to join  WhatsApp group: Click Whatapp Group


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