Location: Federal Palace Hotel,  Victoria Island Lagos State,  Nigeria. 
Time: 11am

Welcome to our community, Introducing a Better Way to Create, Build, Store and
Exchange Value.

We present DasCoin the Currency of Trust.
DasCoin is the store of value in a powerful, co-operative ecosystem – DasEcosystem. An alliance of entities and technologies built on a world-class hardware infrastructure, proprietary, GRAPHENE Blockchain technology, a decentralized, user friendly wallet system and a regulation-friendly global network of KYC authenticated users. All powered by an incentivized marketing engine.

Built to be Balanced:
DasCoin is the next step in the evolution of money.
Seeking balance, it draws on the strengths of existing money and emerging digital currencies while eliminating their weaknesses.

A Powerful Offering:
A hybrid designed to be the world’s first mainstream digital currency, DasCoin uses a consortium blockchain to make it faster, more efficient and more secure.

The White Paper:
“The DasCoin Blockchain is a mutual distributed ledger that creates and distributes cryptographic assets, and then securely facilitates their storage and exchange.”

Some pictures of on going Graphenes Blockchain Conference in Asia:

DasEcosystem Services:
State-of-the-Art Blockchain Services Integrated with Web Services

Network Services: An Array of Encrypted Data Services

Smart Contracts: Self-Executing and Self-Enforcing

Blockchain-as-a-Service A Network of Blockchains

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: A Spectrum of Applications

The technical specifications of the DasEcosystem are laid out in the DasCoin White Paper. 

DASCOIN is already trading on COINFALCON,  BTC-APLHA and EUBX.

Price: DASC 1 = €0.15

What is NetLeaders?
Is the Community Of Empowerment.
We have designed a better kind of network; an ecosystem, where everyone can benefit and be empowered by a myriad of blockchain-based services and applications.
The more that people take part and contribute, the more the system itself is empowered, becoming more valuable to all those that use it.

Our Nigeria Discord Group:

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