Defining a New Era for the DasEcosystem – Preparing the NetLeaders Community for New Levels of Success

Update with Michael Mathias:
In an exciting YouTube presentation hosted by Vivian O'Callaghan on the NetLeaders website, Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, unveiled several important updates plus made a number of great new announcements to help you grow your business.

As you all know, the CRM products are valuable new tools at the core of the NetLeaders licenses, and the Cycles are now positioned as an attractive added bonus. The technology team has been making adjustments to optimize the value of these CRM products. In the very near future, new features will be revealed that will greatly enhance their ease of use and their overall value. The objective is to continuously improve these products so that they become the digital command center for every successful entrepreneur. These smart tools will be the cornerstone of your efforts to build relationships with businesses for many years to come – and they are designed to produce multiple streams of income for you from each
and every business you connect with.

Watch the announcement here:

First Glimpse of DasMarketplace

Scheduled to launch in September, the DasMarketplace will feature travel memberships as its first product. These travel memberships offer fantastic travel discounts on a variety of travel services. In addition to travel memberships, the NetLeaders organization has contracted with this travel vendor to offer a number of travel vouchers with the sale of each of the six license offerings. Consequently, for a limited time starting in September, each NetLeaders license will feature one or more of these travel vouchers (each denominated in €500 increments). These vouchers can be used by the license holder, or shared with prospects to grow your business. What’s even better is that you will receive rewards directly into your DasWallet each time a voucher is redeemed – even if you use it yourself!

DasRewards Platform Sneak Preview

DasRewards, the rewards program at the core of the DasMarketplace, will be launching as scheduled. With this blockchain-based customer loyalty program, multiple tiers of rewards will be distributed directly into users’ DasWallets. The main idea is to enable our community
of entrepreneurs to benefit from great discounts and build multiple streams of income (many of which will be ongoing / residual). The official DasRewards program will launch in October with a limited offer of products but is expected to grow quickly and ultimately will feature a curated selection of discounted products and services.

Das33 Update – On Schedule for First Public Beta Launch in September

Great news! Das33 is on schedule. The platform will be truly ground breaking, offering a unique dimension to the whole realm of tokenized asset offerings. While the mediated structure of the platform will already be unique within the blockchain community, we will
shortly announce an entirely new dimension that will be of significant interest to the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency community. This new ‘format’ of tokenization will showcase the strengths of our hybrid structure. More to follow in the coming weeks.

The Das33 site will launch by the end of September with the ability for members of the community to submit projects. But in the first week of September, the Pre-Sale for the platform’s first project will be open to all members of the NetLeaders community. With this initial project, DasWallet holders will be able to pledge DasCoin in exchange for tokens for the first time in history!

Coming Alleviation of Stress Points in the Business:

We have heard you and know that a few things need work and we are actively addressing those issues. The KYC process has been difficult to complete in some jurisdictions. We are streamlining the process to be much easier. We are also addressing some of the technical issues that were preventing the completion of a number of applications.

The Validator will soon NOT be required for many basic operations. That’s right… by the end of September, the Validator will only be required to complete transfers and withdrawals.
We want to maintain our great security edge since the Validator eliminates many security vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, by allowing trading and a number of other operations to be done without the use of the Validator, we can eliminate friction and complications while still maintaining a world-class level of security.

The DasRoadmap provides insight into where we are going as a company. We will share an updated Roadmap on the DasCoin website by end of the day on Friday. We heard you, and we want to share more information about our plans with the community.
A New System of Communications is being implemented throughout the NetLeaders organization to make everything easier to understand, so you can make sales easier and so that it will be easier to duplicate success. We are all involved with a business that has tremendous substance and complexity, but we want to boil it down and show how it all works together. With these new tools, the story will be simple to share with others.

Exchange Update:

You already know that DasCoin will soon be listed on Coinbene and now we are happy to announce that DasCoin has signed a contract to be listed before the end of August on IDAX an interesting top 50 exchange based in Mongolia that evolved from a global blockchain research institution. Look for exciting new bounty programs at both exchanges in the coming months.

A Host of Great Announcements!
Here’s a summary of the big news:
Huge additional value is being added to the licenses; the launch of the DasMarketplace with a first product coming soon;
Das33 set to launch on schedule, an updated Roadmap to show you where we are going and two new exchanges on which to trade DasCoin. It is an exciting time to be a part of NetLeaders community and the future looks bright! Please keep a lookout for more announcements and let us know your thoughts and share your feedback to make us better and more responsive to your needs.

When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place. Also, remember your very next step may land you in your breakthrough.
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