Crypto Africa – a New Continent for the Development of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

According to Google Trends, Lagos, Nigeria, is considered the top city in terms of online cryptocurrency search. Young people are disappointed with the existing payment system and are looking for an alternative to the dollar in the face of crypto platforms.

Would you like to know why? And what exactly can cryptocurrency & blockchain offer to Africans?

Let's figure it out!

Africa and Cryptocurrencies: So Different but...
Crypto Africa – a New Continent for the Development of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology an excellent opportunity after graduation. Young people can earn thanks to copywriting, design, programming, and other remote work.
But since most of the clients are abroad, difficulties arise in obtaining payment for the work. The thing is that payment companies, such as PayPal, do not allow Nigerians to make money transfers from abroad due to the abundance of Internet fraudsters in the country, while companies that offer such services charge a high fee.

Therefore, young people are turning to an alternative, namely to crypto-payments. By the way, following the example of freelancers, business owners, as well as middle managers who want to increase their monthly income, started using cryptocurrencies in Lagos.

Thus, there is another problem. In Lagos, local crypto platforms have a lack of professionalism, which is not surprising: there is no electricity in many parts of the country. Needless to say about knowledge about blockchain or smart contracts.
Thus, following the sensational media, many well-known crypto platforms have paid attention to Africa. Now, the continent is waiting for the restructuring of the entire infrastructure, which supports the entire digital economy. Blockchain is no exception. On the contrary, it is a panacea.

Global Problems, Global Solution
It is important that such attention of the crypto platforms to Lagos will inevitably contribute to solving the basic and most acute problems for Africa. This will be an example for the entire world - there will be a time when the cryptocurrency will eliminate unemployment and provide everyone with the necessary resources. After all, the grotesque of our life is clearly visible: a part of the population is still forced to survive without having a permanent job or even water supplies despite the fact that we are living in the 21st century.

We can observe now the trend when a lot of crypto platforms are investing in promising startups to protect the environment and human health. As an example, there is the Dutch project for the installation of vending systems, i.e., non-stop points for the sale of clean water at an affordable price, which was realized thanks to the crypto investment.
But the main thing is the following: unemployment reduces, the quality of life increases, thereby, increasing the number of people on the planet. EDC Blockchain acts as a panacea, as the platform is able to provide affordable earnings for everyone. Thus, the main advantage of the EDC coin lies in the flexible code, which is registered for a wide marketplace. This cryptocurrency is used in any trade operation. So freelancers will receive payment for their work, without fear for the safety of transactions, while business owners will be able to tokenize their business and increase their capital.

It All Started with Africa
There is a popular theory that says that human civilization originated in Africa, as there is a mild climate, which is most optimal for human life from the very beginning.
If we talk about the birth of a new economy, i.e., its transformation into digital currency, we are literally going back to basics. Lagos is a clear example of a combination of circumstances, as well as an established ground for a new financial system. Therefore, we would not be surprised if the large-scale globalization of cryptocurrencies begins in Africa and then spreads to Europe and the rest of the continents of the world.

Source: EDC Blockchain


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