I promised Badagrians that as the Executive Chairman (God willing, Insha Allah), part of my educational development agenda for A NEW BADAGRY is to help secure ADMISSIONS, SCHOLARSHIPS, AND VISAS for 10 STUDENTS (yearly) from Badagry to study in best Universities overseas, making a total of 40 students in 4 years. We have established partnerships to make this happen without using the Local Government’s allocation or limited financial resources.

I am happy to inform you that on July 13, 2016 we secured U.S. Visa, admission
and scholarship for our first student from Badagry (Mr. Dansu Towheyon) to study in the U.S.

You can be next, your son or daughter can be next, and your relative can be next…..Support Hon. Idris Oluwafemi Rufus Metonwanu!! Support fresh ideas for A NEW & BETTER BADAGRY!!!

It is important to note that Hon. Idris Metonwanu is not new to this, on a personal ground, he has helped more than 10 students to study in the USA.



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