E-Dinar Coin (EDR) Is a Cryptocurrency Not Simply Existing On The Network. There Are The People Behind It.

They are investors from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Dubai, Vietnam and other countries. Only 4 months after the cryptocurrency launch, the number of its users reached more than 500 thousand active accounts. Until the end of 2016 about $ 15 million was invested in E-Dinar Coin, and at the moment this number is more than 21 million. Everywhere in these countries, E-Dinar Coin has its representatives and offices. But the main thing is that behind all this there are specific people.

They determine the cryptocurrency rate. Only people regulate the rate by their actions, starting from connections to the shops, exchanges, sales and mining.

At the first stage, mining took place without transfers. EDC, in fact, was held in the account and
nothing needed to be done. Now, in order to receive an hourly mining, accounting for 0.65% of the amount, you need to effect the transfer of at least 1 EDC.

In the future, the mining mechanism will be used, when an accrual will take place with the opening of the computer. The downloaded application on the computer should operate in order to receive the accruals.

The next stage of development is the ASIC  purchase, such as other cryptocurrencies have. And then the mining will take place there.

The price of mining becomes more sophisticated to increase the value and capitalization. After all, it is clear to everyone that it is better to have 10 thousand coins at a rate of $ 10 than to have a million coins at a rate of 1 cent. And under the conditions of mining complication, the price grows, the value of the cryptocurrency increases.

Initially, the cryptocurrency value is zero. It is capitalized by the people themselves. In this case, the main difference between E-Dinar Coin and common cryptocurrencies is that production requires much less electricity. Each user, passing an internal upgrade in the E-Dinar Coin system, contributes to the overall development of the system, increasing the network of distributed transactions and at the same time – their personal income.

Together we are stronger. We are E-Dinar Coin!


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