E-Dinar Coin Team Participates in II All-China Conference On Financial Operations Technologies

Outstanding representatives of the blockchain technology led by E-Dinar Coin attract wide attention and receive numerous invitations to various summits and forums. The other day, the E-Dinar Coin team received an invitation to participate in “II All-China Conference on Financial  Operations and the Exhibition on Online Financial Transactions” organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China jointly with the related departments of the State Committee for Development and Reforms, which will be held from 7 to 8 April at the Shanghai International Conference Center.

“II All-China Conference on Financial Operations Technologies and an Exhibition on Financial Online Operations” will be held in the form of a summit
organized under the 13th Five-Year Plan for the development of blockchain technologies, “Fundamentals of China’s Information Development Strategy”, which will bring together major representatives of the financial market, such as commercial banks, stock companies, organizations working in the securities sector, insurance companies and others.

The blockchain is the main technology used by E-Dinar Coin. Its security, convenience, confidentiality, the impossibility of falsification and other benefits attract public attention. Credibility from users around the world and the intensity of the conclusion of transactions allowed the E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency to reach a high exchange rate. In addition, E-Dinar Coin retains sufficient stability and shows a positive growth rate. E-Dinar Coin has reached the trust of users thanks to numerous transactions, the more is the volume of transactions and the frequency of their conclusion, the stronger is the confidence of users in the cryptocurrency as a whole. As soon as the system of trust to the blockchain spreads around the world, the digital currency E-Dinar Coin will become a universal world-wide means of payment.

At the moment, blockchain technology is far superior to any payment system. According to the forecasts of specialists, in the future, the blockchain will inevitably become the main technology in all spheres. Thanks to the practical application and implementation of innovations, E-Dinar Coin fully reveals the advantages of the blockchain, thereby attracting large investors. Taking part in the II National Conference on Financial Transaction Technologies, the E-Dinar Coin team intends to take real action to conduct in-depth discussions and research with other major platforms and make its contribution to the field of Internet finance.

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