Clear Need for Migration (TBC)

In spite of the really good news about our explosive growth in memberships to 1 million and beyond, TBC is faced with some technical challenges.  Behind the scenes we have been fighting to stabilize and speed up wallet transactions and we have made some progress.  When we shut down all of the send buttons we discovered that someone has found a way to create their own wallet system on our TBC blockchain.  So, instead of having a completely centralized system that we can completely control, there is a parasite feeding off our
system and they have continued to do Discounting of TBC coins while everyone else s wallets were unable to send out transactions.  In the military the technical term for a situation like this is it is FUBAR!  Take a look at the current TBC Blockchain explorer:

Do you see all of those 2’s?  Those are transactions from a separate unknown wallet system attached to our TBC blockchain.  Obviously, these are transactions from TBC Discounters.  Look at the size of these coins moving around.  22,933 TBC coins is worth $9,018,669,515.00  Do you really think someone paid 9 million dollars for some TBC coins today?  I don’t think so.  Discounters are very dangerous to TBC because it pulls in the opposite direction of the way TBC is officially valued by the TBC community.  We are the 1st “Abundance-based” currency, and in order to succeed in promoting a currency that only goes up in value, all members have to honor the Membership Agreement.  Just a dozen or two dozen Discounters out there advertising TBC coins at a discount ruins the confidence in the Current Price of TBC for all of the rest of our TBC community.  The rest of the community will constantly have to explain why the discounters are wrong and many times new people to our community can’t understand what is going on because the discounters confuse everything.  This is a battle we need to win.

Migration will solve many problems all at once.  First of all, you need to understand that block-chains are just a special type of database.  Records in a database can be moved into a different kind of database.  This is a common practice in the database world.  But most crypt-currencies are attached to their special version of the block-chain code and they are kind of boxed in because they are trading their coins on open public exchanges.  So, for most Alt-coins out there, migration is problematic.  We on the other-hand are a private group and we did our best to keep our code closed to ourselves to remain centralized, and we have no problem migrating.  For TBC, changing block-chains, would be just like changing clothes.  Off with the rags, and on to the newest fashion.  When we migrate, we will not allow unknown wallet addresses to come over to the new block-chain.  That will get rid of all those 2’s you see in the block-chain explorer today.  Anyone dealing with these discounters will end up with completely worthless coins because we won’t allow those wallets holding those discounted coins into the new block-chain.  Secondly, the Bitcoin Clone software we started with here in TBC has way too many bugs in it.  It was just not built to do a high capacity of transactions, and it would take much longer to debug this clone into perfection than to just migrate to a better block-chain.  Most of the other Alt-coins out there have rebuilt the Bitcoin block-chain from the ground up and they really work much better than a regular Bitcoin Clone.  We will select out of the top ten best Alt-coins to clone their block-chain and continue to build out the TBC community on much better code.  There are many saying that their code can already do thousands of transaction per second.  We also have our eye on developers saying they have cracked the code to do millions of transactions per second, so TBC may go through more than one migration over time in order to reach all of our goals.

The chain of command inside the 10 x 10 matrix is a way to organize people.  The more organized we are as a group, the easier it will be for us to migrate when the time is right.  It will be a couple of months before we will be ready to migrate.  So, this article is giving you an early heads up on where we are going and why we are going there.


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