We Have a System; Our System Works; Go Work Our System! (Videos/Article)

TBC gives YOU a choice!  TBC is a Private (not on the market manipulated by the Elite system) crypto-currency that places the value of the TBC currency within the members it collects–Proof of Memberships (POM).  Now that’s either an idea you can accept as a true value or not.  People that reject that idea have called TBC a Scam coin.  But people like Derrick Mbeh in the above video see the TBC value as real and have no need to discount the TBC coin as he documented here in this video.  So, clearly YOU have a choice on what YOU want to believe.  But YOU can’t call TBC a worthless coin because the evidence in this video and soooooooooooooooooooooooo many other videos proves it does hold its current value.  

Consider this:  “What is the value of a living man or woman?”  If you don’t know how to answer that question, then what is YOUR value as a living man or woman?  Are YOU worthless or priceless?  I would say YOU are priceless!  That all members, each and everyone of them, of mankind are priceless.  TBC has underestimated the price of each member of TBC to a limit of 1 Billion Euros per Verified Member.  The Current Price of TBC is gently climbing up to that Ultimate Price everyday.  TBC is an appreciating digital asset.  When you become a Verified Member YOU were asked NOT to join if YOU don’t agree with how TBC is valued in the confirmation email.  

According to law, clicking on the confirmation link in any email constitutes a digital signature that YOU do agree to uphold ALL of the terms and conditions and have fully accepted any disclaimers therein.  No one is ever forced to join TBC.  That means there is the value of agreement on top of the value placed on each member that joins us.  That makes the value REAL!
I have explained over and over again in this blog, how to earn an income following our system in TBC.  As part of our Mission to End Poverty globally, Admin allows ALL of its TBC members to invite others to receive a gift of some Kringle coins.  Currently that gift is valued at $457!  During our wealth creation phase of TBC Admin requires a one-time $10 Lifetime Wallet fee paid in a currency more widely accepted than TBC is today to cover the costs of developing the TBC coin network.  Members are free to choose the timing of when they want to pay that fee.  Once they do, it entitles them to get their Send buttons turned on in their TBC wallets.  At this time, we are experiencing some temporary technical difficulties making it impossible to turn All Send buttons on for those that have paid that fee.  We are working hard to fix this temporary issue.  So, in a nutshell, here is how our system works to make money:  Give the Kringle Cash gift away to as many people as you can; once they accept that gift help them to see the true value of it; then encourage them to participate in the Cookie Rewards program by making a purchase; if your send button is turned off or you don’t own enough TBC to be able to offer it for sale–then partner up with someone in the TBC community that does and share that sale of TBC 50/50; repeat process.  Even the poorest person on Earth can follow this simple system to create wealth quickly for themselves.  That’s why it really doesn’t matter that some will go out there and call us a Scam, we will each earn money following this simple system that can make YOU wealthy if YOU just go out there and follow this system.  This is an opportunity for YOU!  The more of us that do follow this system and report back the results on YouTube the better for us ALL!  I look forward to your Daily Reports as YOU earn money daily here in TBC!


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