What is Youthia all about?

Youthia is an "unorthodox " company that is set to transform the youth entrepreneurship economy in Africa. The company works to help youth entrepreneurs to adapt to new paradigm shift or trends in the market.
Youthia is building a youth economy in Africa comprising of three key products but they work as one:

1. Youthia Economy - An ecosystem system of cross-border your hubs working to build continent-wide supply chains to produce and distribute goods and services across the African continent .

2. The Afro - Is the economic language of the Youthia Economy and is a digital asset that represents "value". Our upcoming ICO will put Afros on sale SOON.

3. Nudge - It is a mobile application  which ensures 24/7 service and delivery. It is an app where the Afro will be embedded and therefore allows Youthians to serve consumers around the clock.

Join Youthia here: 👇🏾


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