Zephyr Token Review

$ZEPH is a tradable rewards token for Bitspark's remittance network. The Bitspark platform was created in Nov 2014 after the team conducted the world's first cash in, cash out cryptocurrency transfer.

Fast forward, the Bitspark network now connects eight high vol remittance countries including Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam and more ensuring customers can leverage the low costs of cross boarder remittances via crypto through our products without any tech knowledge necessary.

In October 2017, Bitspark launched its Zephyr ICO which raised $1.3M. The tradable rewards token has a positive feedback loop where Bitspark grows its network by issuing $ZEPH as rewards to Money Transfer Businesses = more transactions and Bitspark using 25% from the profits per txn to buy back from the $ZEPH market.

Maxine Ryan Said on Zephyr Official Telegram group:

"So what now? Bitspark is in the midsts of integrating $ZEPH / buyback mechanism into products and services in time for the first United Nations Tajikistan pilot. The buyback and integration is not contingent on Tajikistan going through. E.g as soon as the mechanism is ready buybacks will be from any transactions through Bitspark's network "

Lots in the pipeline! Stay tuned 👍

Visit the site for more info https://zephyr.bitspark.io/


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