By Akpomejevwe Nyemachi Tedheke posts on Facebook

Every time a Crude Flow Station is Destroyed by Militants in the Niger Delta, The Environment is Damaged; Our Land is Polluted and Our Communities are subjected to more hardships...Let the Bombing Continue, who will lose?...The Government of PMB is dragging the Nigerian Economy away from Crude Oil; Lagos State has Joined the League of Oil Producing States and the Northern Part of Nigeria whose Reserves have been cynically suppressed over the years will begin production within the next months to two years. With time, We from the Niger Delta would have destroyed our Lands so much that future generation will curse us their Fathers and Mothers for killing their
dreams. Let the Stupidity Continue my People...Don't stop the blowing up of pipelines.
Everyone of us thinks that a Blown Pipeline is an attack on PMB and His Government of Change...Insanity on display I must say. Kano and Lagos are Leading the way in Tomatoes Paste Production and Tomatoes don dey scarce shebi? The Northern Landmass alone is about 4 times the entire Landmass of the SS and the SE; Agriculture will revolutionize the North within the next decade...We from the Niger Delta will use our Oil to soak Garri and we think we are punishing Nigeria? Think Again, but Kontinu.
I have been reliably informed, that the More Pipeline we blow-up, the more the Resolve of this President to get the Nigerian Economy off oil...The More the Presidency blocks loopholes; The More the desire for alternative Revenue; The More the Nigerian People get pissed off by our Stupidity. The Future is Lost to the Greedy, Selfish Demons of Today. Blow Pipelines if you can, Nigeria is moving on. We have a President who is capable of making the hard decisions and willing to firmly sustain those hard choices. Blow Pipelines abeg. Let Nigeria Suffer and Let our land be wasted. Kontinu killing your own future by your own hands.



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