Where to Purchase Bitcoins with Credit/Debit Card? [Guide]

New to the whole bitcoin scope? Want to invest but can't find a place to buy? Well no worries these guides can cover all your fears, doubts and distress aside and help you get started and avoid being a prey in this new world you found yourself mingled in.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoins?

Some of the many ways to purchase bitcoins safely depend on your payment method here is a nice layout for you to see where to purchase bitcoins with your preferred payment method and location.

1. Localbitcoins:
This is part 1 of my group of guides

Credit Card/Debit Card
Whether your selling or buying bitcoins with this payment method its dangerous regardless some sites offer ways to purchase with these.

Want to purchase bitcoins with your card no worries you can easily hook it up with either skrill/paypal still preferably and purchase from some of the sellers on the site. Some of them require ID verification understandably as its quite dangerous for them. But once you purchase bitcoins once you usually don't have to verify again. To buy kindly Click Localbitcoins to register

2. Paxful:
Similar to localbitcoins you can connect your credit card/debit card to your paypal/skrill account and get some bitcoins coming in the fees are higher than spot rate as they have to sell at a premium.

3. Coinbase:
Not interested in purchasing bitcoins indirectly? Well at coinbase you can purchase bitcoins way easier! You simply add your credit/debit card and purchase up to $150 a week and its all instant. Coinbases fee is very low considering your purchasing bitcoins with your card. It very easy to use, low fees and high limits make it a good choice to buy bitcoins.

4. CoinMama:
CoinMama is also another good choice to purchase bitcoins with your card though having essentially some of the highest fees regarding the risks they have to take. It unfortunately its very selective in where its available so its not for everyone. You can purchase quite a bit daily with some very high limits being in the thousands. When you verify your account purchasing bitcoins is near instant.

5. Cex.io:
This is also another very big company accepting debit/credit cards and they are decent at doing that, the fees aren't over the top or anything but the verification process is quite tedious if your interested. Its available in a lot of countries and is essentially world wide, once you have verified your account you can buy as normal.

6. buy.bitcoin.com:
This is a very simple and easy process to purchase bitcoins and I have tried it personally and it is very quick and would definitely recommend it to anyone, with its quite low fees low minimum purchase and its quick process will keep on loving it.

Sourced- Forum.bitcoin.com


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