Letter to “The Billion Coin Community”

Hearty greetings to members of “The Billion Coin Community” worldwide.

I must say it’s been a worthwhile journey thus far.  Apologies to everyone if this post appears to be offensive or judgemental.
Over the past months, I have taken time to observe (though I stand corrected) using this platform as well as other TBC-related social media platforms and The Billion Coin Community in Nigeria (where I reside). I have discovered that quite an alarming number of persons (in the community)do not understand the concept of The Billion Coin (TBC).

I have seen focus shift unproductively:
-Undue emphasis on selling TBC

-Undue emphasis on wanting “Exchanges” to  feature TBC as soon as possible
-Undue emphasis on wanting TBC to operate like Bitcoin (acceptability) in the shortest possible time.
-Emphasis on having merchants accept TBC globally
-Emphasis on selling TBC at discounted rates
-Relying “heavily” on the creators of TBC (Admin & his team), expecting them to be “magical” in spreading the TBC agenda.

I strongly believe it is majorly the responsibility of all members of The Billion Coin Community, to attain the “1 billion” membership target (and to do it in a record time so we can really start enjoying the benefits of The Billion Coin).
In the course of my research (to deepen my understanding of Crypto Currencies as well as The Billion Coin), I came across a document drafted by a team at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Virtual Currencies (Crypto Currencies) where they highlighted the possible merits and demerits of Crypto Currencies (with emphasis on the inevitability of its introduction into the financial world).

For those, interested, you can send me your e-mail address so I can send the document to you (it’s about 40 pages).
Recently (February 12, 2017), the Managing Director (Christine Lagarde) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was scheduled to speak in Dubai (5th World Government Summit).

Among other things, she was expected to speak on “Blockchain” and “Crypto Currencies”. It got me thinking that the head of such a very powerful global financial organization would be speaking in a city (Dubai) that intends to go completely “paperless” by the year 2020 (I’m not certain if monetary matters would be totally affected) based on its planned “Dubai Expo 2020” (perceived to be focused on complete “digitalization”).

By my understanding, this goes to show , without doubt, that, indeed, Crypto Currency is the “future of payments”.

The question now would be:
-Which crypto currency would be on top of the list in terms of acceptability?
-Which crypto currency would spread globally faster than the others?
-Which crypto currency would enhance global trade in the shortest possible time?
-How can there be more buyers than sellers on www.thebillioncoin.trade?
-When would discounters stop attempting to devalue TBC?
-When would members of TBC Community start focusing on bringing in more persons into the community than to focus “only” on selling their TBC for personal gains?
…the list goes on.

Let’s do the maths;  one of the major solutions right now (not necessarily the only one) is for existing members of the TBC Community to embark on a drive that would bring about exponential growth in terms of membership of the TBC Community.  A much larger community at this time would ensure massive acceptability of TBC across board; increase in the demand of TBC (leading to more buyers than sellers of TBC, a reverse to what currently obtains); TBC becoming a major element in international trade; the list goes on…

Again, by my understanding, a community of “Abundance” (as intended by the creators of TBC) cannot exist in the midst of “Greed”. You cannot operate in abundance and at the same time operate in greed.

My advise is simple, invest “massive” time and resources in getting more & more persons (globally) registered in The Billion Coin Commuinty (whether they are willing to acquire units of TBC now or not). The focus now should not be members trying “only” to sell TBC. Worry not, the time for reaping the “good” is closer than you think.

Written by Mudiaga Achinike


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