Top Indonesian Media: Revolutionary Cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin Is Legal Now

Cryptocurrency is the main index of unconfidence to an ineffective monetary policy of different countries. E-Dinar Coin was able to prove that now it is not only the most popular international cryptocurrency but also a legal method of payment for the goods and services in many countries. It was reported by leading media of Indonesia - Metro TV News.

Mining algorithm of E-Dinar Coin functions, by using a special technology
- DPOS, allows each account owner partly control the production of coins. In addition to that, EDR is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency, and its legitimate and legal status is confirmed by Appeal Administrative Court of Ukraine at the end of the last year. Ltd. "Edinarcoin" was able to prove that all operations, carried out with E-Dinar Coin, can be equated to the operations with the fiat money and consequently, the cryptocurrency should be considered as other currencies, such as a dollar, ruble or hryvnia.

Many of these advantages as the magnitude and effectiveness of anonymity, security, and privacy policy, ease of use, the rate of data, makes EDR the most attractive transaction tool for all users, as well as it promotes the popularization in the world’s most-known Media and among the leading investors.
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