Why I'm HODLing TenX?

Why I'm HODLing TenX for the long run and will get upto $2,000.00 in passive income every month. Yes I've invested much in it and  also believe in the product.

For people that have no clue what TenX is, it's pretty much a debit card that can spend Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and more anywhere you like. YES, you can walk into Walmart and buy anything.

By you HODLing TenX coins you would get a reward. 0.5% of total spent will be evenly distributed to all token holders.

Wrap that around your head for a second...

You will get passive income for just HODLing TenX coins. Imagine when massive adoption kicks in on TenX. You'll get free money 💰 every month for nothing. TenX's end game is to reduce it from monthly, weekly, and into daily free money for people that HODL their share of coins. You would never have to work again in your life. It's like winning the lottery.

Did I mention that you get 0.1% back on all purchase? 😱

Yes you will....You can join our discussion on Whatapp group... +2348063454724


  1. Kindly visit the official site of tenx to know more... https://www.tenx.tech


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