Leaders are Getting a List of Members to Assist in the Migration Starting with The Voice of TBC (Article)

As mentioned in a previous article, the Broadcasters are the best TBC leaders to assist us all in getting the word out to the entire TBC Community about the Migration.  We are kicking this campaign off now starting with The Voice of TBC Randy Wilson.  Below is the script that will be emailed:

We will Start Migration to the New Coin Network on April 30th, 2018.  I am a Leader inside the TBC community and I have been assigned to help you to migrate and to show you the fast track to huge cash flow and income for you.
You have at least a $1,000 in your current TBC wallet, and if your Send button is OFF right now, I will help you to turn it ON and that will only take a day or two to get

Merchants are pouring into TBC right now, and many of us have already used TBC to buy cars, land, homes, and businesses.
We have over 3,000,000 Members in TBC now, and 1,000,000 of them will get at least 1 whole TBC coin from Admin as a reward for taking action quickly.  1 TBC coin is worth about $4,000,000.00 TODAY.  May 1stis the 1st day of Redemption and that would make the entire $4,000,000.00 completely spendable.  I don’t know if you already understand how much wealth you are already sitting on right now.
We had a lot of technical difficulties with our TBC coin in 2017 due to an overload of transactions on the Old Coin Network and that soiled our reputation online.  Let me assure you, we have overcome these technical challenges and migration will gives us all a fresh start.  Transactions are stable now, and transactions will be lightning fast and quick to confirm on the New Coin Network.  So, I hope you won’t hold those past disappointments against us and lose out on the wealth already assigned to YOU.

You are so lucky to have learned about TBC during our early days and you are in the perfect position right now to start enjoying financial freedom immediately.  The TBC blog explains this effort of Leaders such as I to reach out to Members such as YOU to make sure YOU are given the full opportunity to reconnect with the TBC community and become empowered by all that we have to offer YOU.  Click and Read: Here

Below are my instructions on how to directly connect with me and I will personally hold your hand in collecting what belongs to YOU.  Note that migration is happening over a limited period of time, and anyone that doesn’t migrate will lose all of their coins when the Old Coin Network gets turned OFF, if they don’t complete the migration process within the allotted time given.

The article that I was referring to at the beginning of this blog is: Here


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