10 Facts & Benefit of Dascoin

Fact 1: Dascoin has its own blockchain.

Fact 2: Dascoin is listed on 5 external exchanges.
(Coinfalcon, IDAX, Coinbene, BTC-Alpha, EU-BX)

Fact 3: Our DASC blockchain does transactions at a fast 3 seconds a block.

Fact 4: DASC can be used to purchase things. With the Alliance Pay card. Dascoin has real use.

Fact 5: Dascoin is creating a great rewards program.
With Greenstorc, TRM, Smarttools and Traveler.

Fact 6: Dascoin has a very secure wallet with DasWallet.

Fact 7: You can send DASC to anyone in the world in 3 seconds.

Fact 8: Dascoin is working with Brian and Roy from Carta to create Daspay. The next generation payment system.

Fact 9: Das33 is a vetted platform with Escrow. So projects that are listed on Das33 will have a much better success rate.

Fact 10: Dascoin is the currency of Trust.


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