DasEcosystem CEO (Michael Mathias) has formed a new Partnership with Logistics Company Metro Logistics

DasCoin is moving forward faster than ever and our ecosystem and services will shine over the next few months.

A well written letter from Das CEO to the community.
Dear Das Community,

First of all, I am very happy that so many of you have come forward with so much helpful information. I sincerely appreciate that this community has so many dedicated, devoted people who are so strongly behind DasCoin and provide me with such wonderful support.

Right now, DasCoin is the most undervalued cryptocurrency in the world. I will prove that this is a fact – rather than an opinion – in a series of messages I’ll be releasing over the course of this month. As part of these messages, I will share information that will likely lead to a correction in the value of DasCoin.

So in preparation for what’s coming, I need each of you to conduct an important evaluation of yourself, and then take action!  The month of March is your moment of truth. I am asking that you determine your personal level of commitment to the vision of global prosperity we are creating through the Das ecosystem. It’s time for each of us to look honestly within ourselves and answer one simple question: how committed am I to the DasCoin vision? Then, right after answering this question, immediately take action that matches your level of conviction. This way, we will begin our March with the full strength of our community… this way, we will begin our March to victory!

So how will this work? Let me explain

If you are now less than 50% convinced that DasCoin will become a long-term system of digitized value for the world, then please take action that is consistent with your belief by selling off the proportional difference of your DasCoin holding this month. In other words, only keep a percentage of DasCoin that correlates to your percentage of conviction. If your belief in and commitment to DasCoin has weakened to just 10%, then please sell 90% of your DasCoin holdings this month. You have clearly lost faith, and it is time to release your DasCoin to those who understand its true value. There are several parties of significance who have indicated they will accumulate large positions of DasCoin this month, so this may be the time to bring your level of holding in balance with your level of understanding. And listen, there are no hard feelings – I simply believe that it’s important for our community to be united in strength prior to what’s about to happen.

For those of you who feel you don’t have enough information to determine where you stand, this is an urgent signal to immediately educate yourself. It is critically important that you find out why DasCoin is so different from (and so much better than) other cryptocurrencies and why it will be so dominant in the future. Pay careful attention to the email and video messages I will be sending over the next few weeks. I will review all the attributes that make DasCoin so unique – and so powerful – and will explain in detail why I believe that DasCoin will eventually become the world’s #1 cryptocurrency.

For those of you who are 50% or more convinced in the long-term viability of the Das system of digitized value, this is also a moment of action. For example, if you rate your level of conviction at 60%, then increase your overall holdings in DasCoin by 10% of its current size. The percentage of increase represents the positive deviation from 50% (so if you rate yourself at 80%, then you will increase the amount of your total holding of DasCoin by 30%).  Those of you with 100% conviction are now called on to increase your total holding of DasCoin by 50%. This is the moment when you must embody the true level of your conviction – and this can only be done through ACTION! Also, please participate in our community by making your actions known to others. If you decided to increase your DasCoin holding by 50%, be sure to tell the community which of our external exchanges you made that happen in and on which dates.  In addition to posting that news within our community, please personally share the action you take with at least 5 people in the Das community! (And of course, remind each member of your team to do the same!)

Please remember: changing the world for the better is NOT a passive pursuit! Each one of us needs to be very active in order for the true potential of DasCoin to come to fruition. The beautiful reality is that none of us is alone – we have a dedicated community of passionate people who believe in this mission. Work with the amazing people within our community – and bring others in to help us collectively realize a better way for the world.

This Will Inspire You!

If you want to feel inspired and see an example of how passionate people are about DasCoin, please watch this amazing video of Nontobeko Ndzabukelwako sharing her poem about DasCoin. Speaking from her heart and absolutely radiating passion, this is a MUST SEE:

DasCoin Poet Extraordinaire:

More Good News…

Great Start for Excelz Africa Tour!

Excelz President Dean McQuillan and Regional Development Director Fraser Douther are off to an excellent start with their African tour. The first event was on Saturday the 2nd in Johannesburg, South Africa in front of 120 people. Then on Day 2, they spoke to a crowd of nearly 400 people in Manzini, Swaziland, and then had a second meeting with a private group of about 100 business delegates and pastors. 

All of these events have gone smoothly and were very successful. There is a wonderful spirit building up within our African community. Check out the colorful Swazi type Excelz attire worn during the opening segment yesterday. (They even got Dean to join them on stage in a special dance… please don’t deny yourself the pleasure of witnessing Dean’s silky smooth dance moves… just one question: was Dean listening to the same drummer as everybody else? ;)

Dean “Travolta” McQuillan:

Today they are in the beautiful country of Ghana with an event tomorrow in Kumasi and then to the capital of Accra on Wednesday. The team then heads to Lagos, Nigeria on the 7th and Enugu on the 11th finishing up in the capital of Abuja on the 12th, where the African tour will conclude. If you are near to any of these areas, please come out and feel the surging energy of the Das movement in Africa!

DasLogistics Formed

I am happy to report that we have found a team to provide all the logistics solutions for our marketplace. Formed from a 9-year old Thai company, we have partnered with a team that has decades of experience in all aspects of global logistics, including shipping, trucking, air cargo, processing, storage and customs handling. The new company will be known as DasLogistics. They also have extensive relationships with suppliers of products and raw materials for export from Thailand to destinations all over the world. Lots more information to follow at the event in Bangkok scheduled for March 30th.

The Currency of Health

I’m also happy to report that TRM has recently added a special new product, called cordyceps. This medicinal mushroom has incredible health benefits (many of which are scientifically proven) that you can read about on the link below. Cordyceps is already in an ingredient in KDO, but now TRM has secured a supply of Thai-grown cordyceps that can be used daily in hot water as a health-enhancing tea (and then directly consumed afterwards).

Cordyceps will be included in a TRM health protocol that will be packaged in a special boxed set that contains a month’s supply of BioGreen, KDO, Thip Pratan low-glycemic rice and rice milk. This special box set will change the health of millions of people around the world. I can already confirm the tremendous personal impact this protocol (of BioGreen, KDO and Thip Pratan rice) has had – in just 6 weeks of following it, I am now completely free of chronic sinus congestion that plagued me for over 20 years. It’s true that for over two decades I rarely had an uncongested nostril (and never had two clear nostrils at the same time). Anyone who has seen me speak on stage could probably notice my chronic congestion and mouth-breathing. So it’s quite amazing to me that I now have had about three weeks of clear breathing through my uncongested nose – and full return of my sense of smell (which was next to nothing after all those years of congestion). Really amazing – and all of it achieved by simply following the TRM protocol.

Europe Next Week

As many of you know, I have been spending a lot of time in Thailand working closely with the TRM team and getting DasMarket ready for launch, but I have also been traveling a good amount in Asia, including parts of China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia pursuing various ecosystem opportunities. Next week, I will be in Europe. But before I leave Thailand, I have some very significant meetings coming up this week. More exciting news in the works that will further strengthen the Das ecosystem. Hopefully, I will be able to share some of that news next week from Europe.

Excitement is building all over the world… get ready!


Michael Mathias

CEO, DasCoin


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