E-Dinar Coin Cryptocurrency Overview. Weekly Digest

In the E-Dinar Coin weekly review  – a new series of the “Bogatoe Bali” reality show; more convenient EDR mining based on the Local Trade exchange; fork, aimed at improving the work with wallets, the renewal of cooperation with Yobit, the first blockchain conference in Singapore with the participation of E-Dinar Coin representatives and much more!

Show must go on! “Bogatoe Bali” is already online

Broadcast of “Bogatoe Bali” series has already started on the YouTube channel! Even at the stage of filming in February this year the show received huge spectators support – thousands of people from all over the world were looking forward to fully observing the life of eight cool guys on a paradise island! New series of the show will be released every week on Wednesdays, and in addition, the two new promos will not let you get bored!

The Local Trade Exchange Offers Cloud-Based EDR Mining

Cloud mining is much more convenient than mining from home, so the company, in cooperation with the Local Trade exchange, provides users with the opportunity to transfer or exchange EDR at LocalTrade and earn a profit of 0.5% daily. The cloud mining service based on the LocalTrade exchange will be useful for beginning miners who do not have to study all the information on coin mining for a long time and seek answers to all their questions, as well as the users who want to earn money on cryptocurrency, but do not have the opportunity to mine at home with permanent Internet connection and a running computer.

E-Dinar Coin Launcehs Fork, Aimed At Wallets Improvement

With each new stage of updates, E-Dinar Coin moves to an absolutely unprecedented level. Against the background of the previous technical fork, which took place about 2 months ago, this update is aimed at improving the convenience of working with the wallet, as well as bringing security to a higher level. In particular, the functionality of two-stage authentication and other useful features have been added.

E-Dinar Coin + Yobit

After a long suspension of cooperation and settlement of issues that led to differences in the joint work, E-Dinar Coin and the Yobit Currency Exchange found a compromise and concluded an agreement on the resumption of cooperation. We would like to remind you that Yobit is one of the first trading platforms that added E-Dinar Coin to its trading, and during the operation the exchange showed the maximum trading volumes on the BTC / EDR pair.

E-Dinar Coin Received Invitation To FinTech APAC Connect 2017

The participants of the event will meet at a large-scale event on September 20-22 in Singapore to discuss the most pressing issues of the crypto industry and global projects, they will be able to get answers to their questions from experts as well as meet many like-minded people and investors. The conference is designed to help each participant find the right way in the fintech revolution, and for E-Dinar Coin it is another step towards the development of a successful financial future for all users and the confidence to become a leading player in the market.

ACADEMY99 Held The First Workshop On Cryptocurrency Trading For  E-Dinar Coin Participants In Malang

Unlike many other E-Dinar Coin representative offices, ACADEMY99 was created by a group of experienced cryptocurrency users and became a full-fledged training center in which all visitors are encouraged to learn from market analysis professionals and use modern financial instruments. ACADEMY99 aims to provide participants with the basic applied knowledge that can be directly used by E-Dinar Coin users.


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