Food for Thought

There is this story of two people who went to India, one with a vision and the other without a vision. They both sat down somewhere and watched the massive crowd moving everyone of them on bare foot. One said, "oh, there's so much poverty in this place! This people are suffering". But the other said to himself, "I think this people(so great a population!) Can make me a millionaire, all I need to do is to bring. Shoes and sell to them." So he went back home, went to a shoe manufacturing company and asked them to produce plastic shoe for him, 25cents a pair. That's the story of TOMMY HILFIGER.

Vision made him! Two men, in the same environment. Under the same circumstance, but while one was seeing problems, the other was seeing an opportunity to make money. It's not the
environment that makes the people, It's people that make the environment. The african continent is not backward because we are black; we are backward because we are "blind".

Come on, there's something on your inside! It's time to discover it. And when you discover it, it will restore diginity to your life

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