Pause: Kwesé Sports Exclusively Awarded free-to-air Broadcasting Rights for the English Premier League! By Dr Strive Masiyiwa

Image: World Cup 2010, Johannesburg, South Africa Fan Park
I’m really excited to share some great news. Last Thursday, the English Premier League (EPL) announced it has exclusively awarded Econet Group the free-to-air rights to broadcast live EPL for three seasons beginning in August 2016!

Kwesé Sports will also serve as an agent to sub-license these EPL rights to free-to-air public broadcasters in 50 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

In case you’re new to my FB page and are wondering what’s going on, Kwesé TV is our new soon-to-be launched satellite and broadcasting network, wholly-owned by Econet Media, a subsidiary of Econet Group. Kwesé Sports is part of Kwesé TV which will also offer entertainment, news and business channels with exclusive and premium programming.

I’ll update you from time to time about our progress. After the launch of Kwesé TV later this year, I’ll also use this as a case study on how to set up a major business venture like this one.

In terms of the discussions we’ll be having on this platform, I want you to focus on what you'll learn about entrepreneurship rather than on your role as a potential customer. There will be other platforms to discuss this as a customer, which the company will set up.

__What interests me here is really what learning and tips I can give you to help you establish and build businesses that can be successful -- not only in your local community, country, and across Africa, but even globally.

For competitive reasons, I will not be able to reveal certain things at this stage:

# Timing is important in business. (Notice that I didn't shout out, “Hey guys, I'm bidding for the English Premier League.” Do it first, before you start talking about it!)

If I were baking a cake, I’ve just shown you one of its key ingredients, so it's too early to talk about how it will taste! There will always be people who, if you give them flour, want to voice an opinion already about the type of cake it is; they’ll tell you it's chocolate with ice cream on top! Always wait until you see a greater picture… then you get a good surprise.

Thank you as always for your support.


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