Act in Good Conscience - Lagos Civil Servants told

The Lagos State Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Mr. Akinyemi Ashade has urged civil servants in the State to always act professionally, in good conscience and diligently.
Ashade gave the urge at the annual retreat of the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget holding at Dover Hotel, Lekki.

Ashade opined that the theme of the retreat “Managing Reforms in an Organisation; Structure, Processes & Strategies", is very timely as many reforms would be undertaken under the present administration, which  would require Public Servants to be prepared to receive, evaluate and implement them accordingly.
While imploring participants to be punctual, dutiful, prudent , adhere to due process, and embrace team work in order to record greater performance, the Commissioner said “For every file that is before you, the social and economic wellbeing of Lagosians are attached.  Therefore, you may never know who your delayed action or inaction may affect negatively".

He noted that the Ministry is very strategic to the success of the Lagos Project as well as the think tank of the State Government on the economy, hence the need for all staff, especially the management team, to be in tune with the present state of the economy in the country  and the world in general.

“The dwindling oil revenue and the increase in the responsibilities of the state should act as catalyst to devise better ways of mobilising resources and allocating same in such a way that it will satisfy the yearnings of the people of the State,” he said.

Earlier, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Mr. Abayomi Kadri, while presenting the overview of planning reforms in the State, recalled that the reforms started in Year 2008 based on the need to create a coherent and transparent budget framework focused on channeling resources efficiently and in a transparent manner.
Planning reforms, he noted, led to the production of the Lagos State Development Plan (LSDP) which provides an overarching Long Term Strategic Plan to guide all development towards the State's agreed vision for Lagos State up to Y2025.

He added that implementation of the various reforms has led to transparency in budget preparation, reduced leakages and made budget provisions based on the immediate, medium term and long term needs of the people of the State.


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