Living a Life of Purpose

I celebrate the women out there living their dreams. I celebrate women going the extra mile legitimately to support their family.

This picture shows a woman determined in life to make it at all cost even if there are no jobs out there, she is ready to do jobs that others look down on.

Woman, you had a dream, a purpose before you met that man. You had a purpose before you started raising a family. You had a dream before you started on that job or career. You had a dream, purpose before the economy crisis in your nation, before all the disappointments in life and so on. Why did you abandon your purpose, the greatness for which God created you for excuses?

This woman in this picture who rather take this kind of job than surrender her body for prostitution, sit down in her house and watch African Magic from morning till evening and wait for her to give her money for salt. Women go to prayers houses today than work with there hands and brain and in the process they have been abused by men without the fear of God.

Woman, you will be remembered not by the handsome, nice, rich man you married, not by the number of children you have, not by
the number of hours you spent in church praying. You will be remembered by the useage of the greatness in you, the impact you made in the lives of others, the purpose of God in you that you made happen, the contributions you made to your world.

I will not advice any woman to do this type of Job that the woman in this picture is doing, but I appreciate the women taking responsibilities for their future now.

It is not too late woman if you are reading this. There is hope for you in a better way.

Expect Transformation, Just act on ur dreams!


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