Africoin Market Pool Update

With the launch of the Africoin Market Pool AMP the official price of 1 AFC becomes automatically determined by true forces of demand and supply. It is expected for prices to plumet downward before rapidly climbing upward. The process of converting AFC from coin to fiat money and from fiat money to AFC has began and this will improve investors confidence as time progresses.

With Africoin, you are not sitting on virtual money that you can't spend. Africoin is a true digital money and it will emerge as one of the most important digital legal tender in Africa and the world. Hold as much coin as you can and exchange it for cash whenever you need to spend it. It is the best investment option you can make at the moment; with time you will be glad you took this path.

Several inspiring grass to grace stories will emerge from Africoin. New millionaires will be made! The difficult moments for Africoin are almost over.

This is the best time to BUY more Africoin. With just about $25 you can purchase 1,000 AFC from the market pool, given the current sell orders in the market. To BUY  AFC from the market pool, follow the steps below:

1.) Fund your AFC cash wallet through bitcoin or through your local currency. To fund through your local currency send an email to copy
2.) Go to and click on BUY. Enter the quantity of AFC you want to buy and the price you intend buying. The exchange technology will automatically match you with a seller and credit you with the AFC.

NOW is the time to consolidate on your position in Africoin. ONCE this stage is past, you will never witness it again. In no time AFC price per coin will be trading at $2 - $3 per coin with 24hours convertibility.

Best Regards!

Team Africoin
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