Goals of Cryptocurrency

1. Create easier and faster local and global (cross-border) financial and business transactions making the fees of transactions practically NIL.

2. Eliminate the need of middlemen/intermediaries like in real estate, supply chain, law, banks and other third party service providers charging exorbitant fees.

3. Enable people to become their own banks and providing them the freedom to use their money. This would especially help unbanked nations.

4. Battle the inflation arising due to the politically based fiat currency.

5. Stop the usage of animal fat for paper currency and also disable the chances of making faked paper currency.

6. Making use of the blockchain, smartcontracts for a variety of use cases ranging from the energy sector to music, trading, e-commerce, digital advertising, healthcare, land registry, e-voting, transportation, agriculture, supply chain, banking, insurance, governance, financial services, small businesses, retail, cloud-computing, telecommunications, risk management, digital identity verification, data storage, app development, IoT, stock exchange, market forecasting, social media etc..

7. Cryptographic security in cryptocurrency unlike digitally stored currency.


.. and much more.....


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