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This is to inform all Africoin members and Reps that the FREE and Bonus Bundle programs will end 5th April 2017. Reps who have not participated in the program are expected to do so within the next 24hours; failure to do so will automatically invalidate your #Genesis membership and hence your Rep status.

Prices for the Bonus Bundle have been updated, and here are the new prices:

5,000 AFC #Bonus bundle cost $100 comes with FREE 100 coins
10,000 AFC #Bonus Bundle Cost $200 comes with FREE 500 coins
25,000 AFC #Bonus Bundle Cost $500 comes with FREE 1,000 coins

50,000 AFC #Bonus Bundle Cost $1,000 comes with FREE 1,500 coins

To acquire your #Bonus bundle and join this program, send payment to the bitcoin address below:

Africoin Market Pool

The Africoin Market Pool (AMP) will be officially opened for 6th April 2017. This is done to enable us end the Promo Program before engaging the market pool. Here are some of the rules and features for the market pool. Members are expected to discuss these rules and features in the official Telegram Group >> to help adjust or improve the market.

1.) You can speculative on price movement and make profits from price differentials. You can trade AFC on the market just the way you trade stocks. You simply buy the lows and sell the highs.
2.) The Market Pool will run on 2 wallets (Cash($) and Africoin Wallet). The cash($) wallet enable you buy AFC while the Africoin Wallet enable you sell AFC for cash. Buyers or traders are expected to fund their wallet through Reps in their local currency or directly by making a Bitcoin payment to Africoin.
3.) The market charges 2.5% per transaction executed on both BUYs and SELLs.
4.) Africoin Reps takes 1% of every trade executed by members under their area of coverage.
5.) To create a near 24hours liquidity for Africoin, every transaction commission collected by Africoin, is invested back into the market to buy AFCs.
6.) The official AFC price per unit will be the average price of the last 1,000,000 coin traded.

We want to congratulate the following reps for their outstanding AFC distribution in their area of coverage. They have really helped in the deepening of Africoin in their area of coverage:

Emmanuel Effah Diawuo (Ghana)

John-Bello Onimisi (Nigeria)

Eugene Mwangi Karagacha (Kenya)
+254721475553, +254786426556

We invite more members to join the Africoin #Genesis team and take up leadership position as Reps. The Africoin Reps are the most important membership within the AFC community and they represent the future of Africoin. To join the Africoin #Genesis Team and become a Rep, send a mail to and also copy

Best Regards!

Team Africoin
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