The New York Times: Malaysian Tech Firm Launches Award-Winning Currency Platform in U.S.

The company has invested over $20 million since August, 2016 when it launched a unique and proprietary algorithm that guarantees all users a never-before-known level of safety and security. Also, their newly-designed decentralized platform assures participants an equivalent guarantee of privacy and anonymity. E-Dinar Coin, through exhaustive studies and experimentation, has developed a trading currency that utilizes improved blockchain technology. The product is safe, legal, instantaneous, private, green, and the least expensive way to buy, sell, transfer (either one-time or ongoing), trade, withdraw, contract-for or take-possession-of…. and moreover, it’s investment-grade.

Imagine the simplicity of anonymous currency-free transactions without the constraints of international currency fluctuations or governmental monetary restrictions. In addition, no more countless fees charged by middlemen along the transactional path, including commercial bankers, clearing houses, insurers and credit/debit card companies. Today, world currencies are as diverse as they are insecure; their footprints lack privacy, involve costly third-party reconciliations, and strain environmental resources.

E-Dinar Coin (hereafter, EDC) has created a model with the strictest attention paid not only to the security of its particular platform; but also allowance for the ultimate privacy and independence of its stakeholders. A primary ingredient to the creative EDC blockchain is the degree of decentralization, which gives individuals a forum to efficiently establish a level of trust based upon their actual transactions within the system versus an amorphous rating-system created by centralized entities, including painfully slow, inefficient, costly, often inaccurate and redundant credit bureaus. The more a company or individual employs the platform, the more blockchain credibility the system dispenses.

If any argument can be made for the advancement of cryptocurrencies in general, and EDC in particular, all one needs to remember is the disastrous failure of central and commercial financial institutions around the world, beginning with peak sub-prime mortgage lending during 2005-2006. After nearly 500 years of organized banking, along with all the claims of inherent system-wide safeguards, world capital markets nearly collapsed under the weight of unencumbered leverage utilized in the creation of mortgage-backed derivatives and collateralized-debt obligations. The foxes were guarding the hen houses, as bankers worldwide became addicted to the leverage and monthly profit projections; while blinded to the steady erosion of their customer’s portfolios.

While individuals benefit from the speed, safety, privacy and anonymity of cryptocurrency, E-Dinar Coin has also specifically designed its platform to seamlessly incorporate the needs of business owners. For example, EDC makes international selling easy without the roadblocks of interest rates, exchange rates, or currency differences and fluctuations.  Additionally, businesses can market expressly to privacy-seeking consumers…unlike credit or debit cards, or other existing protocols that all link personal or corporate information to a transaction. Also, EDC clears instantaneously placing your company’s assets where they belong – in your account, not subjected to waiting periods plus transactional fees.  Furthermore, the ease, safety, and privacy of EDC’s platform, gives member-merchants a unique opportunity to market possible discounts on products purchased via cryptocurrency.

The ability to make simple or complex transactions as near to next door or as far around the globe as our imaginations allow, using the proprietary blockchain technology provided by EDC has currently captured the interest of thousands of new members each month. While blockchain is the perfect venue for digital storage and the exchange of assets, E-Dinar’s team of highly-skilled engineers is continually working on future applications for the platform.  They have identified several areas of interest, including both the fields of Medicine, where patient records storage can be handled in a truly private manner, at virtually a fraction of today’s cost; and Law, where the EDC platform is naturally amenable for replacing the existing time-consuming method of creating and executing legal contracts… again, at virtually no cost to the parties.

Bestowing additional credence on the viability of E-Dinar’s platform, major bank officials and representatives from several allied financial institutions throughout Asia, chose E-Dinar Coin to receive their annual “Most Valuable Trading Crypto Platform of 2016.”  The company accepted the award on March 17 at the prestigious and influential China Annual Meeting of Finance and Financial Technologies 2017.

Source: New York Times


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