E-Dinar Coin Yearly Chronicle Roadmap

Since the E-Dinar Coin launch in China in September 2016, the E-Dinar Coin team thanks to its efforts for almost a year has broadened the horizons for all participants. Every month, the E-Dinar Coin site shares new surprises and progress with us.

In the aspect of market development, each member of the E-Dinar Coin team made maximum efforts and starting our development from scratch, we have already gained the attention of 600,000 users, in addition, E-Dinar Coin currently has its own authoritative platform based on Blockchain and DPOS. We have our own independent application and EDC wallet, which is a significant advantage over other similar projects.

As for the innovative aspect, we use the blockchain technology, and in the future we will create an unprecedented concept of “smart” money, we will update and start using the concept of ASIC-mining, build an educational blockchain system and constantly improve the E-Dinar Coin site, bringing all participants a safer, more effective and transparent trading platform, allowing the participants to make trading transactions and investments with a minimum effort.

We are confident that thanks to the annual plan, everyone will be able to understand the development trends of E-Dinar Coin next year more clearly. We can declare with all responsibility that our E-Dinar Coin system will become more perfect, at the same time, new features satisfying your needs will be added, bringing greater convenience to your life.

As for today, E-Dinar Coin has already entered the global ranking TOP50, such significant results were achieved due to our efforts for about a year. In the future, our goal will be to become one of the three strongest virtual currencies on the market, this is our vision of the future, and this is also the inevitable result of our development. Be with us, move forward together with us, E-Dinar Coin will make your dream of wealth come true.

E-Dinar Coin Roadmap


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