Mobile Phone Replenishment And Internet Packages For E-Dinar Coin In South Africa

Thanks to a new partnership between E-Dinar Coin and Vodacom now you have the possibility to replenish the mobile phone account or purchase an Internet package in South Africa with the help of one of the most profitable cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin.

The service is a clear example of the use of E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency in everyday life, offering the opportunity to replenish the account of your own cell phone and with the same ease to replenish the mobile phones of relatives or friends who live or are in South Africa.

It’s very simple to replenish the account using
the cryptocurrency.

1) Select the package from among the following

Vodacom Airtime

ZAR 2 Airtime ZAR 2.00 – 3.00 EDC

ZAR 5 Airtime

ZAR 5.00 – 8.00 EDC

ZAR 10 Airtime ZAR 10.00 – 16.00 EDC

ZAR 29 Airtime ZAR 29.00 – 48.00 EDC

ZAR 55 Airtime

ZAR 55.00 – 88 EDC

ZAR 110 Airtime

ZAR 110.00 – 166 EDC

ZAR 275 Airtime

ZAR 275.00 – 440 EDC

Vodacom Internet

100 MB Data ZAR 29.00 – 48 EDC

250 MB Data ZAR 59.00 – 95 EDC

500 MB Data ZAR 99.00 – 160 EDC

1 GB Data ZAR 149.00 – 240 EDC

2GB Date ZAR 249,00 – 400 EDC

3GB Data ZAR 299.00 – 480 EDC

5 GB Data ZAR 399.00 – 640 EDC

10GB Data ZAR 599.00 – 960 EDC

2) Send the required number of coins to the edinarcoin wallet VODACOM-EDINAR and in memo specify the number of your mobile phone

3) Expect funds to be received on your balance within 24 hours

To create your E-Dinar Wallet:

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